Taking Care of Your New Shed

Help Make Your Shed Last Longer

Your shed should last for many years if treated properly by yourself. Please remember that this is an outside product and that due to weather, the wood may be liable to contraction and expansion. This is perfectly normal and should not be regarded as a problem.


Take Care of Your Shed

Please ensure that you treat your shed as soon as possible. A minimum of 3 coats should be applied, use a treatment which has been recommended for SMOOTH wood and has an ANTI-FUNGICIDAL agent as well as a WATERPROOFING agent.

Bad Weather

Protect Your Shed From the Elements

In the event of severe bad weather, you should check felt, windows and hinges and repair these as soon as possible if any damage has occurred. Failure to do so can occur in further damage to your shed.

We cannot be liable for any issues with your shed after the first 3 months.

Removal & Disposal of Old Shed

We only remove standard garden sheds up to 9 X 6 size.

We use a timber recycling facility, therefore, the disposal of glass, felt and wood from bases are the customers responsibility.

Thank you for your cooperation.