The Shedman custom build and install quality timber sheds, wooden playhouses and garden workshops throughout Stirling & Scotland. All our timber is handpicked and every design carefully worked through with our customers, before putting together all the components needed, delivering and installing your shed, playhouse, or new workshop ready to use in any area of Stirling.

What We Offer…

Garden Sheds

  • Custom Built and Professionally Installed Apex or Pent Garden Sheds
  • Every shed supplied by the Shedman is built to order with the professional installation being part of the service – included in the price.
  • All our timber is quality grade and thicker than you’ll see in any store selling ready to install sheds. We guarantee our timber won’t warp under the often torrential downpours Stirling’s used to.
  • The frame construction is designed to last. Our team are shed specialists and know how to build a frame to last decades.
  • Design options can be Shiplad or tongue and groove.
  • Doors are always ledged and braced with secure internal hinging

We can design, deliver and install any size of shed. You tell us the space you have available in your garden, and we’ll let you know the size of garden shed it can accommodate. If you have a large garden, you can have as large a shed as you need. No size is too big for the Shedman to build. We have the materials ready to ship and the team ready to build.

Custom Build Wooden Workshops

Whatever you need the workspace for, the Shedman can make it happen. The best workshops are tailored to your needs, and that’s our speciality. Need a workshop for arts, crafts, or woodwork projects? You’ll need light so you’ll want windows. We can fit as many windows as you like on the side of the workshop you like. Design your workshop to work with your garden. More interested in storage space in your garden workshop? With our quality timber constructions, you won’t have any issues installing shelving units. Furthermore, the floors are solidly constructed and evenly fitted so freestanding storage units won’t be wobbling either.

Our garden workshops are built to offer you practicality and storage solutions, letting you get more of things done that you love to do from the comfort of your garden. To go further, if you intend to store valuables in your workshop, enhanced security can be integrated. Tell us what you need and we can advise on the most robust security for your workshop, or include it in your build. Examples of heightened security features could be toughened glass or anti-vandal screws ensuring no chancer can unscrew the doors of your workshop and make a dash with your stuff.

Custom Built Playhouses

The garden is for the whole family… Our team can build some of the most gorgeous looking and practical playhouses to be seen any Scottish garden. Give your kids their perfect garden den with its very own veranda. Our playhouses can be designed with either an apex roof or a pent roof. If you want head height, our advice is Apex. A pent roof only slopes on the one side so for taller kids, there’d be less walk space. As with our sheds and garden workshops, playhouses built and supplied by the Shedman are designed to work with your garden. We don’t take a one-size fits all approach, instead only building outdoor playhouses, sheds and workshops that’ll fit tremendously into your garden. If you have the garden space, we’ve got the carpentry skills to build you any shed, workshop or playhouse to make more use of your garden.

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