Scotland's Premium Shed Manufacturer

Here at Shedman, we provide high quality and affordable Garden Sheds, Workshops and Playhouses. All our sheds are hand built from quality timber in Scotland, delivered and installed at your home from our base in Glasgow.

Whether you need a great storage solution for your tools or a place for the kids to play Shedman has it covered.

Apex/Pent Sheds



The Shedman is Glasgow’s premier wood shed supplier. The past few years, we’ve grown leaps and bounds with numerous successful shed, workshop and playhouses supplied and fitted throughout the Central and surrounding Glasgow areas.

With timber sheds, it’s the quality of the material that matters.

The timber used to build Shedman Sheds are all premier quality and nowhere near as close to the minimum pliable woods used by mass manufacturers, distributed through big chain DIY stores.

Did you know chain stores are charging as much as £300 per installation?

To that we say, it’s on us. Because, you’ll want a shed, workshop or playhouse to be built to use and not left sitting palletised on your front lawn for months.

Personalised service too, just like the olden days…

Just tell us what you need, or what you’d like and we’ll advise on the best we can do for you.

  • Call us on 0141 613 1333
  • Or drop into our showroom on Lloyd Street, Farmecross in Rutherglen, Glasgow where you can check out the sheds we have in stock currently, speak to our knowledgeable staff and if none of our sheds work for you, we can discuss making one that does over a cuppa tea or coffee.

Glasgow Timber Sheds Designed, Delivered and Installed

Whether you go with a Shedman pre-built shed or a custom build shed, the price we quote is the price you pay for design, delivery and installation.

It’s one fee for everything.

What’s more, if you’re upgrading an old workshop, we’ll even take that away for you.

One thing the Shedman does differently to many suppliers is our customer first approach.

We’re not here to burden you with choices galore with upsells that can push your garden shed towards the four figures mark. We’re here to do what our customers are repeatedly recommending us for – Simplifying buying a garden shed in Glasgow. Cos, it’s a lot more difficult than you’d imagine.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about the whole shed buying experience both online and in Glasgow stores…

“I wanted the perfect shed...looked at many online companies, then local stores like [company name removed]. .it wasn't as straightforward as I had anticipated. With all the extra costs...up to £300 to assemble shed for you...poor quality wood etc... I asked a joiner I knew and he said "Shedman" was the best he had come across.

When I visited the store the girl on the shop floor could not have been more helpful. Took a friend who knew about timber and quality of wood… we could both see the wood being used was far superior to other ones we had viewed in larger stores.

The thing that impressed me the most though was the fact that the assembly of the shed was included in the price...that's a service no one else was offering.

The men assembled it at a time convenient to me.

I'm absolutely delighted with it...and the fact that I've found somewhere local...I've recommended this store to everyone. Thanks again.”

Source: ~ Facebook Reviews of the Shedman Timber Sheds: Glasgow


We've WOWED more customers than any Glasgow garden shed suppliers and it's because we know, there's no one size fits all. We've built any timber shed type you can imagine including a premiere pent shed with two windows and a wide double barn door for two dogs to lap it up in luxury.

What’s more, our timber is premium quality because no shed’s meant to be renewed every couple of years.

Custom Built Timber Sheds in Glasgow to Suit your Garden

Not every shed that’s in a store is going to work for your garden. The windows and door placements are often just not suited. With us, you can tell us what way you want your door to swing on our Apex sheds range and we’ll make it happen. Same if you have a specific requirement for the window placement. Got large shrubs or a narrow garden that’d make side window panels redundant? We’’ll fit the window to the shed’s end panel giving you a door on one side, with the window opposite leaving the two side panels fully whole.

Workshops Supplied Too

Need somewhere secure in your garden to keep all your work tools or a workshop for your woodwork or any other hobby you need additional space for?

Let Shedman supply the dream workshop that’ll give you all the space with solid security integrated into the design. Fully treated timber workshops, any size you like, just tell us what your preference is and we’ll put a workshop together that’s sure to delight. Get yourself a top-tier garden workshop or even upgrade your existing one to a 10 x 10 pitch shed for even more work space.

Whatever you need, you can call on us.

Family Friendly Timber Fun/Play Houses Designed, Delivered and Fully Fitted Too…

The garden’s for the whole family. Not just the one with a hobby that needs extra space. We work hard to put gardens to more use, whether that’s for chicken coops, garden workshops, storage space for lawnmowers and summer picnic furniture, or custom-built playhouses, securely built for the kids to enjoy. So, you know, you can plod away in your workshop and conveniently keep an eye on the kids as they play on and in the playhouse through the window of your garden workshop.

At the Shedman, we’re wholly committed to serving our customers. Glasgow is a busy city, so the garden often is the only sanctuary you have. For any hobbyists or local craftspeople who need more space to get more done and have the garden space to use, we’ll build you something to make better use of the space you have.

Trust the Shedman to deliver and install a professional grade timber shed, workshop or playhouse that’ll withstand the Glasgow climate and last for years (decades even).

To chat with us about the shed you’d love to have, call us on 0141 613 1333.

To see what he have in stock ready for an ASAP supply and build, drop into our showroom on Lloyd Street, Farmecross in Rutherglen, Glasgow to see and chat with our friendly, timber specialist staff.